About Us

   TradeX247 has helped many traders from all around the world. We here at TradeX247 understand your desire to become a successful trader. Trading is non-stop. When the market is open you are trading, when it is closed you have to be studying finding your plays for the next day. That is where we come in. Our goal is to find you the best plays each and every day using our innovative AI system as well as our own experience.

   Trade with us and you will notice your account growing because of our very accurate calls. We will alert you with what options you should be trading live in our Discord Chatroom. TradeX247 will alert both entry & exit points. Talk with us directly in the chatroom, and also meet new traders everyday. TradeX247 is a service to make you a profitable trader.

   Our members vary from traders who are just beginning to highly experienced traders. Combining multiple traders with various trading experience in our chat room makes us a well rounded options trading community.

How is TradeX247 different than other trading chat rooms?

TradeX247 offers a non-stop learning experience through our chat room that is open 24/7. TradeX247 will get you in trades everyday through our chat room, and we will build your confidence and consistency as an options trader. Learn how to scan for potential breakout stocks and how to trade options on them. We supply you with the Entry and Exit Prices for each specific trade. TradeX247 gives our chat room members the ability to talk with other traders and discuss new trading strategies. We allow our members to be able to alert potential plays which maximizes your chances of being a profitable trader. This way we have more eyes on the market, and we work as a team and alert any potential breakouts. 


Why is TradeX247 right for you?


It is very important to surround yourself with successful traders. TradeX247 will get you trading the hottest plays everyday. TradeX247 gives you alerts to buy an options position before a breakout happens. We will have you prepared for your next trade. TradeX247 also offers fantastic costumer support as we offer direct messaging in our chatroom to assist you with any questions you may have.

How can TradeX247 benefit you?


You will Surround yourself with experienced traders. Also you will be making trades with our team and other traders that you trust. Your knowledge of the stock market and your consistency as a trader will greatly improve. TradeX247 helps you grow as a trader. While some traders prefer to stay quiet and focus on trading, other traders highly enjoy making a name for themselves. It does not matter what type of trader you are we here at TradeX247 have you covered. We hope you enjoy our chat room as it will become your #1 trading tool.

There are over 10,000 options to trade. Let TradeX247 find the best play for you!